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Jane’s Walk activities in Zagreb

Jane’s Walk activities in Zagreb

Cultural Centre Trešnjevka and its project “Trešnjevka Mapping” is the local host for Jane’s Walk activities in Zagreb.

“Trešnjevka Mapping” participates in Jane’s Walk activities since 2015.

Please, check our article about international seminar with the title “Jane’s Walk: A city from walking perspective, examples of good practice” which was organised in May 2018 by activists of “Trešnjevka Mapping” project with guests, organizers and walk leaders, from Ljubljana, Vienna and Zagreb.

Here’s the list of all the guided walks included in Jane’s Walk activities in the previous years!


  • 07.05.2021.: „My friends Frane Petrić, Ignjat Đorđić, Marko Marulić, Ruđer Bošković: Croatian latinists on Zagreb’s streets“ (walk leaders: Mislav Gregl and Tamara Tvrtković), 25 participants
  • 08.05.2021.: „University alley“ (walk leaders: students of History of art Mislav FrancSara IvankovićBarbara KaoAna KlemMarija Lucija MarohnićKarla DorkićAnouk TaylorVida ZlatićLuka MeštrićHana Modrić with their mentor prof. Jasna Galjer), 25 participants
  • 08.05.2021.: „Old Peščenica – garden city“ (walk leader: Lana Bunjevac), 41 participants
  • 09.05.2021.: “The books of our streets“ (walk leades: Margareta and Davor Peršić from NGO „Dove tail“), 27 participants
  • 13.05.2021.: „Green microambients of Knežija“ (walk leaders: Ana and Veljko Armano Linta from Satellite Educations), 31 participant
  • 14.05.2021.: „Seven palm tress in a nameless district“ (walk leader: Saša Šimpraga), 37 participants
  • 15.05.2021.: „Prečko, the most musical part of Zagreb“ (walk leader: Nada Bezić), 27 participants
  • 15.05.2021.: “Marble, rocks and iron of Medvednica“ (walk leader: Tomislav Popović), 23 participants
  • 21.05.2021.„Groves of Borongaj – opposites attract“ (walk leader: Domagoj Augusta), 43 participants
  • 22.05.2021.: “It’s time to gather on Gathering source!” (walk leader: Vanja Radovanović), 33 participants
  • 23.05.2021.„Shop windows in the city centre during two centuries – from Radićeva street over Trga bana Jelačića and Ilica to Medulićeva street“ (walk leader: Mladen Perušić), 40 participants
  • 28.05.2021.: „A walk along Vuger creek (Sesvete)“ (walk leader: Marijo Spajić), 24 participants 
  • 29.05.2021.: „See a tree in a forest“ (walk leaders: Daša Filipčić and Nikolina Turčinović Dupor from NGO „Green click!“), 35 participants

In total 13 walks with 411 participants, in average 32.

(All activities for this year are made as virtual events, except the sreet festival in September, because of isolation measures for worldwide Corona pandemy)

  • 06.05.2020., From the Cartodrome to the thrown-preservative Kingdom: Let’s walk on the southwestern city border, text and photos by Vanja Radovanović), link (in Crotian only)
  • 13.05.2020., Trešnjevačka diagonal walk – from one side to another on hidden paths, video story by Vanja Radovanović and Goran Pinter), link (in Croatian only)
  • 20.05.2020., How the City loves its Park, video story by Jasna and Goran Pinter, link (in Croatian only)
  • 27.05.2020., Water paths of  Gornji Stenjevec, video story by Mladen Sokele and Sanja Morić, link (in Croatian only)
  • 26.09.2020. we organized the street festival “Jane’s Walk in Zagreb: Tratinska street wakes up!” with which we wanted to start the process of reactivation of this once street that was once a main district shopping street and today is neglected, noisy and with lot of empty shops and offices.The idea was to talk to people about the past, present and future of the street and to hear tehir opinions on that topics. The festival had a diverse program with contribution of around 20 artists, NGOs and shops that covered the whole day. Here’s a link to the text about the event (currentyl only in Croatian language)


  • 04.05.2019.Searching for the Schönbach garden (walk leader: Saša Šimpraga), 39 participants

Sudionici JW šetnje "U potrazi za vrtom Schönbach" na Gupčevoj zvijezdi [GP 2019.]
[GP 2019.]

  • 05.05.2019., Dubrava doubles (walk leader: Domagoj Augusta), 17 participants

Sudionici JW šetnje "Duplići Dubrave" u Dubravi [GP 2019.]
[GP 2019.]

  • 08.05.2019., Watching the city through the Fedor’s urban phenomena eyes (walk leader: Goran Pinter), 37 participants

Sudionici JW šetnje “Viđenje grada kroz prizmu Fedorovih 'urbanih fenomena'” na Trešnjevci [JP 2019.]
[JS 2019.]

  • 10.05.2019., Gračani: From a mill to a plate (walk leader: Mladen Sokele), 31 participant
  • 11.05.2019., Living with Črnomerec creek (walk leader: Mirela Ježina), 40 participants
  • 11.05.2019., A musical walk through the Upper town (walk leader: Nada Bezić), 69 participants
  • 12.05.2019., From Savica to Šanci: Where did they get lost (walk leader:Jasminka Klemenčić Zlica), 34 participants
  • 17.05.2019., A walk through the centre of Donji Vugrovec (walk leader: Mladen Perušić), 22 participants
  • 18.05.2019., Hiking starts at the centre of Zagreb (walk leader: Lana Bunjevac), 35 participants
  • 19.05.2019., I live, therefore I’m living in Podsused (walk leaders: Ivana Haničar Buljan and Jasna Galjer), 35 participants
  • 23.05.2019. , Factory builds the city (walk leader: Melita Čavlović), 45 participants
  • 24.05.2019., ORA Sava, Release channel Sava-Odra-Sava, University hospital Blato: The meeting points of the Zagreb’s socialistic past and who-knows future (walk leader: Vanja Radovanović), 27 participants
  • 25.05.2019.Dugave all around (walk leader: Ksenija Banović), 55 participants
  • 25.05.2019., In the search for the neighbourhood of our dreams (walk leaders: Daša Filipčić and NIkolina Turčinović Dupor from Zeleni klik! NGO), 17 participants
  • 26.05.2019., Following the traces of the forester Leustek along the foot of Medvednica hill (walk leader: Tomislav Popović), 27 participants
  • 26.05.2019., Lower part of Bliznec creek – a part of the nature in the industrial space (walk leader: Milan Dalmacija), 30 participants
  • 29.05.2019., Worker’s Trešnjevka (walk leaders: students of the history of art with their mentor Josipa Lulić), 31 participant


  • 11.05.2018. Dotrščina, Bačun and some other funny sounding words beneath Sljeme (walk leader: Vanja Radovanović), 34 participants
  • 12.05.2018., Green dots of urban Maksimir (walk leader Daša Filipčić), 35 participants
  • 13.05.2018., From a star to the Star (walk leader Saša Šimpraga), 41 participant
  • 17.05.2018.Following Štefanovec creek – get to know the former eastern border of Zagreb (walk leader Domagoj Augusta), 17 participants
  • 25.05.2018.Dugave, 40 years from the construction start (walk leader Ksenija Banović), 35 participants
  • 26.05.2018.A walk through gardens of Prečko (walk leaders Young green gardeners, Zeleni klik! volunteers), 63 participants
  • 26.05.2018.Along the Podsused cable car track (walk leader Goran Pinter), 19 participants
  • 27.05.2018.Construction and reconstruction in Botanical garden in Zagreb for its 120 years anniversary (walk leader Mladen Perušić), 35 participants
  • 27.05.2018.Get to know all sides of three-in-one Kozari, paths, branches and roman numbers (walk leader Jasminka Klemenčić), 28 participants

In total 9 walks with 307 participants, in average 34.


  • 06.05.2017. By train from the river port to the airport or A visit to a biggest unused public space in city of Zagreb (walk leader: Vanja Radovanović), 32 participants
  • 07.05.2017. Jarun, about the building for World University games, 1987. (walk leader: Mladen Perušić), 14 participants
  • 12.05.2017. From the fountain to the fountain (walk leader: Jasminka Klemenčić – Zlica), 23 participants
  • 20.05.2017.  A walk around University farm (walk leader: Antonio Jurčev), 41 participants
  • 21.05.2017. Zapruđe and Utrine – get to know the places where buildings are getting older faster than people (walk leader: Petra Bilić Križan), 19 participants
  • 26.05.2017. All the roads are leading to Rome (walk leader: Saša Šimpraga), 57 participants
  • 27.05.2017. The Workers Road: From the factory center to the center of capital (walk leader: Milan Dalmacija), 26 participants
  • 28.05.2017. A Bear hill under Bear mountain (walk leader: Goran Pinter), 42 participants

In total 8 walks with 254 participants, in average 32.

Sudionici JW šetnje / Jane Walk participants [GP 2017.]
Sudionici JW šetnje / Jane Walk participants [GP 2017.]


  • 06.05.2016. Factories of Trešnjevka – a craddle of industry of Trešnjevka (walk leader: Vanja Radovanović), 47 participants
  • 07.05.2016. IX gimnasium – in, around and on (walk leader: Sonja Lušić Radošević), 21 participants
  • 07.05.2016. A walk along Sava at the western gate of Zagreb (on “S” letter) (walk leader: Andreja Kolić)42 participants
  • 08.05.2016. A walk through the City of Youth Granešina (walk leaders: Mladen Perušić & Miroslav Čulk), 32 participants.
  • 13.05.2016. 5,13 kilometers of Kustošije at Friday 13.5. (walk leader: Mladen Sokele), 27 participants
  • 14.05.2016. All faces of Bliznec creek  (walk leaders: Anita Končar i Vanja Radovanović), 15 participants
  • 21.05.2016. Peščenica archipelago (walk leaders: Saša Šimpraga i Anica Mazura), 69 participants
  • 22.05.2016. Two and the half retentions of Sljeme (walk leader: Goran Pinter), 31 participants.
  • 28.05.2016. The Smogovci family (walk leader: Milan Dalmacija) – 40 participants

In total 9 walks with 324 participants, in average 36.

Sudionici JW šetnje / Jane Walk participants [GP 2016.]
Sudionici JW šetnje / Jane Walk participants [GP 2016.]


  • 24.04.2015. From Booksa bookstore to the European square (walk leader: Saša Šimpraga), 42 participants
  • 08.05.2015., Knežija and Srednjaci, from a village over suburb to the city (walk leader: Vanja Radovanović), 67 participants
  • 08.05.2015., Leafy Zagreb – urban wilderness rediscovered  (walk leaders: Iva Silla, Andrea Pisac), 20 participants
  • 08.05.2015., A circle on Maksimir (walk leaders: Anita Končar), 23 participants
  • 08.05.2015., Zagreb West – Podsused (walk leaders: Andreja Kolić), 25 participants

In total 5 walks with 177 participants, in average 35,4..

Voditeljice JW šetnje / JW leaders [GP 2015.]
Voditeljice JW šetnje / JW leaders [GP 2015.]


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