Trešnjevka cultural center – CeKaTe

Trešnjevka cultural center – CeKaTe

CeKaTe is a public socio-cultural institution founded by the City of Zagreb. It is a non-profit, transparent, and democratic decision making cultural institution that has a mandate to develop and implement local and international community beneficial programmes primarily (but not exclusively) in fields culture, arts and (non-)formal education. Those activities are planned by the Council of Experts and include performative, visual, musical arts performances, workshops and exhibitions as well as public lectures, debates, forums, workshops of (non-)formal education and many other programmes for all ages and social groups.

The main task of Programme department is to develop programmes at local and international level in 8 main areas:

  • Community programmes (workshops, non-formal education, inclusive programmes etc.)
  • Gallery for architecture and design
  • Theatre
  • Socio-cultural projects
  • Dance and Movement
  • Music Podium
  • Senior programmes (programmes for the elderly)
  • Audiovisual and Film

CeKaTe is also known to implement open-air cultural and heritage events for the local community.

Interaktivna radionica ART-ACT-BOX umjetnice Andreje Kulunčić [SMK 2020.]
Interaktivna radionica ART-ACT-BOX umjetnice Andreje Kulunčić [SMK 2020.]

As bearers of cultural life in Trešnjevka, CeKaTe’s mission is to improve the quality of life of citizens by actively involving them in the world of culture, education and arts. Not only that the programmes are available to all age and social groups, but CeKaTe is also cooperating on the implementation of akin programmes with more than 50 organisations on the local and international level.


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